At TCG Labs-Soleil, we are establishing a pioneering venture-biotech model in collaboration with The Column Group.

Our approach integrates a dedicated venture fund (TCG Labs) with an evergreen R&D hub led by top-tier scientists (Soleil). This creates a powerful ecosystem forming and overseeing independent portfolio companies, each dedicated to single-asset biologic programs, guiding them from ideation to clinical proof of concept and positioning them for strategic partnerships and transformative medical advancements.


To efficiently translate scientific insights into therapeutic solutions for patients facing serious diseases.

How the TCG Labs-Soleil
Model Works

Exclusively Funds, Discovers & Develops
Single-Asset Biologics Poised for Strategic Transactions

TCG Labs
Dedicated Fund

R&D Hub

Form & Oversee Portfolio Companies

Facilitate Strategic Transactions Following Clinical Proof of Concept

Explore the Multifaceted
Advantages of Our Model


We offer scientific founders access to an established top-tier drug discovery team and

dedicated funding from idea to application.


We form and oversee portfolio companies for single-asset programs, focusing on efficient

drug development from idea to clinical validation, reducing complicated financing needs and avoiding typical biotech hurdles.


We facilitate flexible, strategic transactions each backed by human proof of concept and

primed for integration into late-stage development pipelines.

One Lab,
One Team

Our differentiated model fosters an evergreen team enabling continuity and productivity so

we can concentrate on what we do best – innovative drug development, ensuring undiluted focus on our mission.


A Distinguished Team of
Scientists and Industry Leaders

Managing Partner


Partner and Chair, TCG Labs-Soleil Scientific Advisory Board


Managing Partner


Managing Partner

Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Senior Vice President, Finance

Senior Vice President, Strategy

Co-Founder, Chief of Staff and Senior Vice President, Research Management

Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer

Co-Founder and Vice President, Discovery Research

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer





Member and President/CEO, Lycia Therapeutics

Chair, TCG Labs Partner

Professor, Stanford University

Professor, Stanford University

Partner, The Column Group

Partner, The Column Group


Join a Distinct Experience
Tailored for Drug Hunters

Embark on a career where innovation and impact converge at TCG Labs-Soleil. As a hub for developing high-quality biologic therapeutics, we offer a unique opportunity to work on a breadth of transformative projects aimed at creating therapies for patients facing serious diseases. Our singular focus on science ensures a streamlined, goal-oriented environment free from distractions. Our 'One Team, One Lab' model fosters a culture of stability and continuous innovation, providing long-term career growth unlike any other in the biotech industry.